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Best Android Smartwatch

best android smartwatch


The Fitbit versa 3 (left), Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 (3 and 4; Image credit: Samsung. Fitbit) When we talk about the “best Android smartwatch”, it means the one that works best with Android. We have a wide range of smartwatches to choose, but this guide helps you make your choice.

These options are not limited to those with Wear OS (like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4), but include options that use Tizen and Fitbit OS. The operating system should be one of the main things you look at when looking for a smartwatch. If you do buy anything in this guide, you’ll have a good idea that it is compatible with your phone.

Apart from that, think about the features you are looking for, like exercise tracking or GPS functionality. However, it’s also important to think about your style.

Also, consider what your budget will be. These key watches-like wearables have been tested by us to assist you in deciding which ones best suit your needs.

Not all devices in this list are compatible with Google’s WearOS (like the Fitbit Versa 3). We also have a list of the top Wear OS watches, if that’s your preference, and a general guide to the best smartwatches.

We’ve also ranked smartwatches compatible with Android smartphones in our definitive list. Our rankings are based on price, performance, design, and how well the watch integrates with the Android ecosystem of fitness apps.

The options are endless, so be sure to check out the detailed reviews.

best android smartwatch

What to Avoid

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is not only the best Android watch, but also one of best overall smartwatches. There are many features in this Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, including a larger battery, improved performance and new One UI Watch 3 software.

If you don’t own a Samsung smartphone, compatibility is limited. We also miss the rotating bezel (although it does exist virtual), but the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 offers all the useful features and style you need. The stunning display and fast performance keep up with your plans are another benefit.

Although it might not be the best-equipped fitness watch, it is a great all-arounder that can monitor your heart rate and blood oxygen levels. It also looks good while you’re at work.

best android smartwatch

Fitbit Versa 3

Versa 3 is the best alternative to Apple Watch. It’s compatible with Android and iOS phones, and allows you to choose between Alexa and Google Assistant as your voice assistant. Although it doesn’t have all of the smart features and apps that its rivals offer, this smartwatch is a complete smartwatch. It has plenty of fitness and health features, including onboard GPS, live heart rate monitoring, and onboard GPS. Android users can send and receive messages, as well as notifications, to this watch. If your Android phone is nearby, you can use the Fitbit Versa to send a quick reply. For Fitbit Premium members, it’s the top smartwatch for sleep tracking. The Fitbit Verta can send a quick reply and even shows you your SpO2 level and overnight body temperature. The battery life is better than many: It lasted me four days and nights with the screen on all of them.

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best android smartwatch

Garmin Venu sq

The best budget fitness watch If you’re looking for a fitness-focused Android watch without too many distractions, which works with both Android and iOS, the Garmin Venu Sq is the watch to get. It has a built-in GPS, plenty of workout options to choose from, and lots of fitness tracking data about your workout like heart rate zones and running dynamics in the mobile app.

You can also use this Android smartwatch as a Health Tracker, which provides high and low heartbeat alerts, detailed sleep analysis and SpO2 tracking. The device measures blood oxygen level on demand or automatically over the course of the day and night, much like the Apple Watch Series 6 – but half the price. But you do compromise on design. You have to compromise on design. The plastic watch frame is not as strong or large as the ones on other watches.

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best android smartwatch

Amazfit Bip S

Amazfit Bip S is the best Android smartwatch for under $100. The battery can last for up to 40 days, but you will need it again after heavy use with GPS turned on and brightness raised (which is still a lot more than the average).

Although it is plastic, you may need to sacrifice aesthetics in order to keep it looking good. The screen on this model doesn’t have the same brightness or responsiveness as Apple watches. There’s also a newer model called the Bip U Pro, but we haven’t fully reviewed that watch yet.

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best android smartwatch


(Image credit: Fitbit) The best smartwatches for Android range greatly in terms of style, price and functionality. So, you can find something to suit everyone.

You can choose from a variety of Android smartphones, including those made by Samsung, Google, OnePlus or OnePlus. Some smartwatches will only work with certain phones but they all rank among the most popular Android smartwatches available.

Best cheap smartwatches best Samsung watch Not all of the best smartwatches for Android are made the same, though. Some smartwatches can track your fitness, and some are fashionable fashion accessories. The majority of smartwatches can even be connected to LTE. You can send messages and get updates from your wrist, without having to use your smartphone.

Our guides to Fitbit’s best Garmin watches models provide brand-specific advice. You will find the best Android smartwatches below.

best android smartwatch

How To Choose The Best Smartwatch For Android For You

When looking at the best smartwatches for Android, you have plenty of options, no matter the connected smartphone brand (as long it’s not an iPhone, obviously.) If you own a Samsung phone, the ecosystem experience offered by a Samsung Galaxy Watch will be more appealing than any smartwatch made by Fitbit, Fitbit, or another third-party manufacturer. If you are serious about working out or fitness, then a Fitbit and Garmin watch might work better.

When choosing a smartwatch for you, make sure it fits comfortably on your wrist. Smartwatches larger than 44mm in size may not be suitable for smaller wrists. Some of these watches are too large to be worn overnight. Larger displays, on the other hand make what you see easier to understand.

Consider style. Some smartwatches are designed to look like smartwatches and others like classic timepieces. You want sporty style, so stick with sleek materials and fewer ornaments. Look for eye-catching accents such as bezels if you are looking to wear it on more formal occasions.

best android smartwatch

Android Smartwatch of the Year 2021

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 2. TicWatch E3 3. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 4. Garmin Forerunner 245 Music 5. TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS 6. Fitbit Versa 3 7. Garmin Venu Sq 8. Fossil Gen 6 9. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 10. Suunto 7 11. Fossil Hybrid HR12 Amazfit GTS 2 Mini. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is our top pick. This wearable is loaded with many features that users are looking for while still maintaining an attractive design. If you are willing to spend a little more on a high-end watch, the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is a good choice. These Android watches are among the best.

Black Friday Android Smartwatch Deals As experts on Android Smartwatches, we are scouring the Internet in search of the absolute best Black Friday Android Smartwatch deals . Saving money is not the only goal, but finding great value is. We can help you locate the lowest price on an Android Smartwatch.

Wear OS 3, a new platform that combines beautiful hardware with it, is what makes Galaxy wearables unique. Galaxy Watch 4 features a “virtual” bezel which, like its predecessor, allows you and the software to interact by rotating at the edge of AMOLED displays.

Samsung Health has also improved immensely over the last couple of years and features a well-rounded selection of workout tracking options as well as a built-in GPS for monitoring outdoor runs or bike rides. It has a 40-hour battery life. Additionally, the included sport bands will be so comfy that you may forget you are wearing any on your wrist until an alert is sent.

The latest Galaxy wearable is optimized for Samsung phones but can also be worn with other Android devices. iOS users will not be supported. Wear OS 3 has been created by Samsung and Google, so the user experience is going to be different. The first to get the operating system is this watch, and it will be a test subject. However, the update will not be available for all Wear OS watches. Samsung is offering at minimum three years of support to existing Galaxy wearables using TizenOS, starting from their initial launch date.

If you’re not interested in a Samsung smartwatch or simply prefer how Google does things, we recommend the Mobvoi TicWatch E3. It is also one of our most affordable Wear OS watches. Luckily, this is one of the existing Wear OS watches that will eventually be eligible to upgrade to the new Wear OS platform. The design is simple and efficient, with high-density displays at the top and thick edges. You will enjoy smooth running thanks to the Qualcomm4100 chip, paired up with 1GB RAM. You can upgrade to Wear OS 3 with the TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS if you’re looking for the best version.

Source: Daniel Bader / Android Central

best android smartwatch

Check out these Top Android Watches: The Best Smartphone Watches 2021

LG first launched Android Wear OS watches in 2014. Google’s watch OS system has experienced many changes since its launch. Support for the OS has been inconsistent. Many smartwatches are now optimized for Android smartphones.

Smartwatch that is best for Android users Jump over details Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Most popular Samsung smartwatch for small wrists Jump over details Mobvoi TicWatch Pro3 The most affordable Android watch Jump out to detailed Amazfit GTR2 Best RTOS option Jump down to details OnePlus Watch Huawei Watch 3 Huawei’s very first Harmony OS smartwatch Jump past details Fossil G6 smartwatch Name brand Google Wear OS smartwatch Jump ahead to details Fitbit Sense Top basic smartwatch

Release watches that blend the best parts of both companies

While smartwatches today are heavily focused on detailed 24/7 health and wellness tracking, most also provide other advanced features, such as a companion Android application, touchscreen displays, call and/or text messaging support, installable applications and watch faces, and voice assistants.

Many powerful options are available for you to get your job done using a wearable gadget in 2021. Samsung’s WearOS 3-powered Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is easily the most popular smartwatch on Android.

The best overall smartwatch available for Android users

Two day battery life

best android smartwatch

This is the Clear Choice Now

The Galaxy Watch 4 is today’s best Android smartwatch. Starting at $249, it offers the best overall package with Wear OS 3 powering a healthy app store, Samsung’s One UI Watch making for an excellent overall experience, and a health suite that’s respectable. The battery life is good.

The Galaxy Watch 4 runs on Google’s platform instead of Samsung’s previous wearables. Wear OS 3 is a combination of Google’s services and Samsung’s experience in battery life and health monitoring. Together, as we mentioned in our review , they really shine, offering more user choice and access to apps such as Google Maps and Google Pay, which previously weren’t available on Samsung smartwatches. Unfortunately, Google Assistant hasn’t made it to the final cut. However, Samsung did a great job on the performance side. The new Exynos chip combined with plenty of RAM and storage leave the Watch 4 with smooth performance throughout. The battery lasts a lot longer, and this is possible thanks to the Exynos chip. With the exception of the large models, which last between 36-40h on a single charge, smaller models are great for everyday use.

This is not the perfect product. Galaxy Watch 4 will still be available to owners of Samsung Galaxy Smartphones. You will have to set up the device more difficult if your Pixel or OnePlus phone has limited features. These are still positive aspects that far outweigh them.

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic includes the classic Galaxy Watch 4 Sport and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. You can choose from small and large design options for both of these models. The price starts at $249

Galaxy Watch4 40mm Price: $249 Amazon Amazon’s Best Buy B&H Photography 44mm Price: $279 Amazon Amazon’s Best Buy B&H Video Galaxy Watch4 Classic 42mm Price: $349 Amazon Amazon’s Best Buy B&H Image 46mm Priced at $379 Amazon

best android smartwatch

These are the Best Android Smartwatches for Health-focused Users

Both the Versa 3 and Sense run on Fitbit’s lightweight operating systems. As such, they may feel slower or less fluid than Google Wear OS and Samsung Tizen. The software has some good apps, reliable notifications and simple navigation. Google Assistant integration is available in both, and it’s a valuable tool for Android users. The less power-hungry OS also keeps both watches running for 6 days or more.

Fitbit Sense has a higher price, making it the most powerful. On both watches, you’ll get OLED displays, heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen tracking, step counting, and workout monitoring. However, Fitbit Sense adds ECG, skin temperature, and several other sensors too. Fitbit Sense has all the health functions that other smartwatches don’t have, plus it can be paired with programs such as Health Coaching and the Fitbit App.

The Fitbit® Sense smartwatch costs $329. However, it is well-worth the money considering all of its health features. Fitbit Versa 3 can be purchased for $229.

Fitbit Premium is included for 6 months with both watches. Sales often lower the price of both watches. FitbitSense prices as low as $199 have been seen many times.

Fitbit Sense:

Top Amazon B&H Image

Fitbit Versa 3:

What’s the Best Android Watch?

  1. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.
  2. Fitbit Versa 3.
  3. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.
  4. Fitbit Versa Lite.
  5. Fossil Sport. Fossil Sport is the best Wear OS watch.
  6. Honor Magic Watch 2 Best smartwatch with the longest battery life
  7. TicWatch Pro 3. For innovative display tech, TicWatch Pro is the best.
  8. TicWatch E2. Wear OS Watches at the Best Price

Which Smartwatch Is the Best 2021 Smartwatch?

  1. Apple Watch Series 7. Apple Watch Series 7. Amazon. Garmin V2 2. This fitness companion is great for Android and iOS.
  2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. The standard in Android watches.
  3. Apple Watch SE. Apple Watch SE.
  4. Fitbit Versa 3. The best Apple Watch alternative.Nov 9, 2021

.Best Android Smartwatch

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