Best Massage Gun

Best Massage Gun

best massage gun

Men’S Health Lab Approved:

The Men’s Health Lab has put the

Men’S Health Lab Approved:

“>best massage guns to the test to bring you a list of the top models money can buy.

The best massage gun for heavy lifting:

Most affordable massage gun for the price:

Best massage gun for team sports:

Bring your best massage guns to the gym.

A massage machine for serious athletes.

Lighter touch with the best massage guns:

best massage gun

Men’S Health Editors’ Picks:

Men’s Health Editors also offered their opinions after using percussive therapies to recuperate from home HIIT session (and suboptimal WFH circumstances) during lockdown.

Your best choice for a massage gun:

Best massage gun for runners:

The best massage gun to travel with:

Best massage gun for quiet use:

Top massage guns for desk-bound pains.

Best massage gun for bang for your buck:

best massage gun

What should I look for in a massage gun?

When you’re browsing the best massage guns, ideally your purchasing priorities should centre on noise, battery life and quality. A better quality product will generally be more expensive. However, an average good massage gun should work for 10-15 minutes per day.

Men’s Health Lab Approved We had our expert test the strength of each massage gun on the market. You can see that they did more than meet the challenge, as shown in the below list.

Each of the massage guns was tried for a 3-week period. They were used to prime and recuperate our experts’ muscles in relation to their busy schedules.

You were evaluated on your control ability, ease of movement, soreness, muscle mobility, comfort, and use of interchangeable massage heads. When making the final hierarchy, the design (how ergonomic and portable the handle was) was taken into consideration. You’ll find our winning massage guns have the Men’s Health Lab Approved logo below.

But, our MH recommendations do not end there. Our editors share which massage gun soothed their legs while WFH on lockdown.

Let’s say you want to ditch your foam roller and get rid of it forever. We have 20 great massage guns that are worth every penny. We’ll get to the bottom of it.

best massage gun

Top Overall Massage Gun

Theragun Primary The Theragun Premium is part four of Theragun’s new generation of massage guns. The Theragun Liv was their predecessor. The Prime has been reviewed extensively here. The Prime’s primary feature is its quieter counterpart. It actually rivals the Hypervolt Plus for volume — a significant improvement on its predecessor, the Liv.

The upgrades don’t end here: The Theragun Liv was limited to two preset speeds, and only came with two closed cell foam attachments. The Theragun Prime, on the other hand, has five preprogrammed speeds, and includes five closed-cell mousse gun attachments.

The Theragun Prime, which retails for $299, is expensive but not as much as the Pro G4 below. Sometimes this percussion masseur goes on sale, sometimes for just $249.

The Theragun Prime is worth its price because of the many enhancements. My competition is the original Hypervolt, which has many of the same features but costs around the same amount. You have the option of making your own choice!

best massage gun

Most Powerful Massage Gun

Theragun Pro Therabody’s Theraguns are considered the gold standard in percussive therapy, so its most luxurious, feature-rich muscle gun model must be one of the best, right?

to learn more.) The Theragun Pro G4 has a quieter design than the previous version. Since its inception, Theragun customers have complained about loudness. The brand made an effort to address this issue.

The Pro G4’s noise level is not as loud as other massage tools, but I don’t feel it rattles my brain the way the G3 did. This is thanks to Theragun’s QuietForceTM Technology. The Theragun Pro G4 will be a good choice for athletes and serious workouts who are able to deal with massage devices that sound like muted turkey carvers (and can afford percussive therapy).

The Theragun Pro can provide legitimate percussive treatment multiple times per week. It features a rotation arm with ergonomic handle and 60 pounds of force. While this percussion masseur is amazing, the cost of it may not be worthwhile to the average exerciser.

The TimTam All New Power Massager is my favorite high-powered massaging gun. However, it’s not the most expensive option. The power and quietness of Theragun Pro are worth every penny.

best massage gun

How to Use A Massage Gun

What’s the best way to use it once you have one?

Giordano explains that the massage pistol can be used to heat the skin and stimulate circulation. The recommended method is to flush the muscle (float the gun up or down the muscle) for 15-30 second, then back and forth. When it comes to mid-workout treatments, a similar approach is taken. Giordano states that it is common for people to feel tight during workouts and need to stretch in between. This could lead them not being as efficient or affecting their strength output. Instead, try to flush the area for about 15-30 seconds in order to increase blood circulation and lower muscle tension. This should excite the muscle, loosening it again for the rest of your workout.” You can use massage guns to help with recovery after heavy training sessions. Giordano states that when the body is relaxed it will reduce cortisol (stress) which in turn creates a healing environment and allows for recovery. To do this, you should spend between 90 and 120 seconds moving each muscle group up and down. “There is no need to add excessive pressure or dig it into the body,” says Giordano. Giordano says, “Don’t use excessive pressure or dig in the trigger point.” Avoid running the machine on bones and joints. If it hurts, decrease the pressure. He recommends moving slowly across the muscle, around 1-2 inches per second.

best massage gun


(Image credit: Shutterstock) Whether you’ve seen an ad on social media, or someone at the gym using one, if you’ve ever wondered how to use a massage gun, or which the best massage guns on the market are, we’re here to help. It might appear to be a cordless drill and a tennisball at its ends, but a massage weapon is much more advanced than that. They are handheld massagers designed to ease muscle soreness, tension and promote blood flow through rapid pulses of pressure.

When using a massage gun, the motorized percussion penetrates into deep muscle tissue so muscles relax after 30 seconds or so of use often without you having to apply much pressure to the skin. These massage guns come with multiple attachments that allow you to easily massage difficult-to-reach places without the need to travel to a salon or have your partner give it to you.

A clinical massage is a form of massage that can be applied to your body if you have undergone physical therapy. Now you can enjoy the muscle recovery benefits of massage guns from the comfort of home, any time you want since more companies are making them accessible for everyday pain relief.

best massage gun

What to Avoid

Sportneer Deep Tissue Massage made the list due to its affordable price, large number of attachments available, easy portability, low noise level, and general value. This device is also as lightweight as some “portable” versions, so it’s easy to take outside the home. Sportneer Deep Tissue Muscle Percussion Massagers is very popular with athletes. It reduces muscle soreness. It has 6 massage heads, 5 speed levels, and an stroke width.

This massage gun is well liked by users. They also like its price and the range of attachments. It has the longest battery life of any massage gun, lasting up to 6 hours. One customer commented, “It does wonders for my fascia.” The massage gun can be used up to 3,200 PSIs. However, it has an amplitude of just so some people might find the pressure not intense enough. Other reviewers found it challenging to target the entire neck and back area.

best massage gun

How to Buy a Massage Gun

Consider these factors when shopping for the top massage guns.

Consider how heavy it is. Most devices weigh between 5 and 6 pounds. However, having a massage gun that is heavier than the average can lead to a faster fatigue of your arms, especially when you have the device in hard-to reach places, like your back, neck and shoulders.

Best massage guns need to have batteries that last longer than just an hour. Most often, they can last as long as two hours. Even though you will not be using vibration therapy to massage your whole body, being able to keep the device charged at all times is a great benefit. Consider whether backup batteries are offered or included with any massage guns you consider buying. If you’re traveling, it might be worth it to have two charged batteries so you don’t have to deal with one leg that’s been worked on and the other leg hasn’t been massaged.

The amplitude of a massage gun should be considered. This determines how far the gun can penetrate the muscle and the distance it will travel. Although a vibration-type gun has a faster speed, a massagegun with an amplitude higher can produce more intensity than a regular massage gun. To reduce muscle pain, improve circulation and promote blood flow, massage guns with higher amplitudes should be able pinpoint a targeted area within the muscle.

A massage gun’s speed is often measured in percussions/minute (PPM), which are strokes per min. It usually has a range of 1,200 to 3,200 PPM. An intense massage is delivered by a frequency higher than the others. You can choose a lower-power setting if you prefer a more superficial massage than a sports-type massage.

Consider how noisy your massage gun will be if you have small children or live in an apartment. Many of these massage guns are quite loud, making it difficult to use in the evenings for your recovery.

Many consumers will look at massage gun attachments when shopping for the best. Most devices average about five attachment head options, usually a cushioned head, rounded, fork, and flat options, as well as some cone-shaped (bullet) attachments that target a specific area.

best massage gun

How to Use a Massaging Gun

Therabody apps are compatible with Theragun. Therabody has numerous suggested routines for specific problem areas. The app is free of charge and well worth downloading.

You don’t have to choose a Theragun. There are general guidelines that you can follow for all home massage guns. First of all, a massage gun is not for everyone. A massage gun should be used for no more than one minute on large muscles groups. If your muscle has grown a lot (weightlifters are a good example), then you may want to reduce the frequency.

Secondly, no matter how exciting your new massage gun might be, you shouldn’t be using it every day. Sports physiotherapists advise that percussive therapies be used in combination with foam rolling and Epsom Salt Baths to help you recover. If you wish your massage gun’s effectiveness to continue, it is sufficient that it be used every few days.

Finally, be careful about using your massage gun on pulled or injured muscles, as it can make things worse. After a race, or if you aren’t sure if you have pulled your calf, wait 48 hours before you reach for your massager. A massage gun should not be used on tendinitis, fascitis or sprains. Massage guns are powerful tools, so if in doubt, check with an expert before using one if things don’t feel right.

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best massage gun

A Professional-Grade Option For Serious Athletes

Amazon Therabody Theragun Pro The Cadillac of percussive gun (it boasts 85% 5-star Amazon ratings), Theragun Pro, a high-quality recovery tool that can target specific muscle groups and is ideal for professionals. It has six attachments, compared to five on the Elite. Also, 60 pounds is more force than 40. The Elite is now in its thirteenth iteration. It delivers 60% more amplitude, speed, and force than the older models. Although it is more powerful than the budget massage guns it doesn’t sound any louder. You can control speed and force using the app connected to the device.

The Reviews: I used to play professional soccer and needed therapy every now and again. Theragun provided therapy on a regular basis without the need to pay a lot,” wrote a 5-star Amazon reviewer. “I use it before and after my workouts and it works like magic!”

best massage gun

Get the Best Home Massage Products

We tested a number of massage guns in order to determine which one is best for relaxation and exercise

Good massage guns are an excellent pocket-sized option for private massage therapy if your muscles feel sore after exercise.

If you need to stretch your body during daily exercise or just for stress relief, then we have an assortment of top-quality massage guns to fit all budgets.

Most affordable massage gun for the price:

Travel’s best masseuse:

The best massage gun to help muscle recovery

Best massage gun for runners:

Which Massage Gun Works the Best?

  1. 1 Ekrin Athletics B37 Massage Gu
  2. Theragun Elite Percussion Therapy – Best Overall.2
  3. Guiding Principles of Best Functionality.3 Flyby FC1Pro Deep-Tissue Massage Gu
  4. Most Quiet.4 FITPULSE Deep Tissue Massage
  5. The Best Attachment Heads.5 LiBa Neck and Back Massage
  6. Most portable

Do Massage Guns Actually Worth it?

Leada Malek, CSCS is a San Francisco-based sports physical therapist who has been board certified by the American Board of…Jul 1 2021.

Is it bad to use massage guns?

Massage guns, just like muscle strains can also cause ligament and muscle sprains. Inflammation is a natural response to injury. It is an instinctive response to injury that allows for more blood supply to the area to allow it to heal. June 19, 2020

How Do I Choose A Massage Gun?

How to choose a massage gun. If you are looking for a massage tool, here are some things to think about: Speed and power: Many models offer the option of speed or power settings. For easy transportability, certain models have longer batteries and are smaller.

.Best Massage Gun

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