Best Topwater Frog

Best Topwater Frog

best topwater frog

What Is The Best Topwater Frog?

Booyah Toad Runner

Spro Bronezeye

Spro Bronezeye King Daddy

Lunkerhunt Lunker Lunkerhunt Popping Frog

Livetarget Hollow Body

Booyah Pad Crasher

best topwater frog

Which Techniques Are Best for Topwater Frog Throwing?

While you can throw topwaters frogs year round, there are specific techniques for every season. Let’s discuss the most effective techniques in each season.

Spring: Some bass fishermen do not like throwing topwater in spring. The water is very cold, and bass can be slow-moving.

Frogs can be caught in spring, but you may not have as much success. Slowly fishing the frog is the best method. Because they are loud, popping frogs works well in springtime.

A popping frog can be worked by just giving your rod some twitch. After that, your lure will sit like a frog. You may find that the more time you give your lure to sit, the higher the chances it will be hit.

Summer: The best time of year to fish frogs is summer. It is time for topwater when the water temperature is above 55°F and bass are active feeding. Topwater can be fished in any manner you like, which is the best thing about summer fishing.

By fishing it fast, one can move the boat across water quickly. You can also fish slow with heavy lily pads using a pause action and retrieve. Remember that sometimes, the longer you pause, the better. Even in shallow water, you can walk the frog under heavy cover.

While it might sound obvious, you should only throw a fish if the shoreline is within reasonable range. Bass are not used to seeing frogs in the middle of the lake and thus you will not have any success there.

best topwater frog

How To Properly Set The Hook With A Topwater Frog?

To stop the urge to grab the line immediately, the first step is to fight it. It is because you don’t have enough control over your lines.

This slack will not give you enough power or strength to expose the hooks in the hollow body frog. You are going to pull the lure out of the mouth of the fish.

A good thing after a blowup is to point the tip on your rod at the fish. Do this quickly to loosen the line. Next, give the line a powerful pull. This will allow you to exert enough force to get the hooks into the fish’s mouth.

Yes. Frog fishing for bass is fun. These tips can help you catch more fish.

Is there a best colour for topwater frogs?

The best topwater frog colors are white or chartreuse. These frogs can be used whenever bass are eating shad on the surface. This is the ideal time to throw bright-colored topwater frogs, especially during the shadspawn.

How are Topwater Frogs Useful?

Frog lures are designed to catch thick mats, pads, and vegetation in the water. This means that topwater frog lures are best used when it is difficult or impossible to fish in dense areas.

Do Topwater Frogs Work?

Let’s start with the frog itself. … Hard body frogs can take the shape of shallow running crankbaits, topwater poppers, and Spook-style walking baits. This is a better way to frog fish for bass in open-water situations, as they don’t need to be weedless.

Does Pike Look Like Topwater Frogs?

Rosner, for example, loves to use the Booyah Pad Crasher topwater. “It’s an awesome bait when pike are tight to the edge of heavy rice, cattails, or other weedy cover,” he says. Fishing for pike is a great way to get them hooked on frog baits.”

Best Topwater Frog

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