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Rejuvenate One's Mind While Enjoying a Garden Tea at Regina Floral Conservatory

About Regina Floral Conservatory

With tropical plants, trees, and flowers, the Regina Floral Conservatory offers a peaceful environment for Regina residents and tourists. The Regina Floral Conservatory is maintained by volunteers of the Regina Garden Associates with assistance from the city of Regina. Seasonal gifts are placed among greenery, moist air, and the sounds of a waterfall in floral arrangements that vary on a regular basis. The city of Regina established the conservatory in the 1950s as a cluster of three greenhouses that cultivated plants for the city. Later, a part of this business was made public, allowing visitors to enjoy an indoor green area. The Regina Garden Associates (RGA), a volunteer group, was founded in 1991 to run a small gift store at the entrance to the public flower show. 


The Regina Conservatory was built in the 1950s and comprised of three tiny greenhouses. In 1999, the city of Regina and the RGA established a partnership to manage and maintain a 315-square-meter (377-square-yard) greenhouse exhibit and to supervise special events. The Regina Floral Conservatory is home to a permanent collection of trees, cacti, succulents, tropical plants, and orchids. The RGA hosts several teas and family days at the conservatory each year and manages the rental of the space for weddings, meetings, and other events. 

In 2002, the greenhouse was renamed the Regina Floral Conservatory. The conservatory's flower show varies four to six times a year (seasonally) and includes Christmas, tropical, and spring exhibits (the latter featuring thousands of spring bulbs). The RGA also provides educational programmes for children from preschool through eighth grade at the conservatory. The greenhouse was renamed the Regina Floral Conservatory in 2002.


With its vibrant colors and fragrances, a visit to Regina Floral Conservatory is guaranteed to rejuvenate one's mind. The primary attraction of the Conservatory is its legendary indoor flower show, which is particularly appealing during the cold winter months when nothing compares to the warmth of a lush tropical setting or the serenity provided by these blooms. This exhibit is open every year from September to June, and during that period, the Conservatory presents a total of six themed flower displays, each one different and distinctive in design. 

In addition to the changing floral exhibits, the Conservatory's permanent collection includes figs, pines, succulents, cactus, orchids, and a variety of other trees and plants.Sit back and relax or enjoy the sound of the waterfall. Maybe you'd want a space to paint, or maybe you prefer to sketch? What better location to be than right here? How about a picnic with the family? To secure a table for lunch with your family, call ahead and make a reservation. 

The Conservatory offers a variety of planned activities such as garden teas, Family Days, the Little Gardeners Club, and many other occasions. During this period, the exhibit will be closed to the public. Check the event schedule before planning your visit. RGA hosts five public teas each year in the Regina Floral Conservatory, each with four one-hour sittings. In the Conservatory, guests may enjoy their tea/coffee while participating in various activities/entertainment.

Location and Opening Hours

The Regina Floral Conservatory, located at 1450B Fourth Avenue, is accessible to the public from 1:00 to 4:30 p.m. Children learn about plant requirements and components, plant variety and adaptability, plants that are economically essential to humanity, the water cycle, and composting. From September to June, the restaurant is open seven days a week (except on Christmas and New Year's Day). The conservatory is only accessible by appointment from June to September. Except for special events, admission is free. Donations are greatly welcome to help keep the flower display going. The conservatory is wheelchair and stroller accessible.

Admission Fee

Except for Family Days and Teas, admission is free. Public access is restricted on Family Days and Teas, and tickets must be bought in advance. Instead of paying entry, visitors are urged to make a gift to RGA. Tours are available upon request. Tours must be pre-booked and are subject to volunteer availability.