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For Little Scientists Explore the World of Discovery and for Adult to Enjoy the Science Night

About Saskatchewan Science Centre

Visitors of the Regina Science Centre can get their hands-on on over 100 exhibits featuring a variety of interactive science displays. The not-for-profit charity organization that operates as an interactive science museum – known formally as Saskatchewan Science Centre earlier in its name history – opened up back in 1989 within Wascana Center's Powerhouse building. It was rebranded by officials who wanted it to be more inclusive towards younger visitors before they unveiled renovations which would include new features such as IMAX Cinema screen and Kramer Theatre just like what you'd find at any other location around Canada Regina's Saskatchewan Science Centre is a science museum that offers interactive exhibits. It provides entertaining and educational experiences for all ages, both children and adults alike.

Saskatchewan Science Centre
Established 1989
Location Regina, Saskatchewan
Type science museum

The facility was formerly known as the Powerhouse of Discovery before it opened in 1989 to serve Regina residents with education-based activities such as demonstrations or presentations on scientific principles like gravity, magnetism, electricity, etc., but has since expanded to include attractions such as an IMAX theatre which also functions at times not only for movies by hosting live performances from orchestras too.


The Saskatchewan Science Centre is a place where people can explore their creativity and curiosity. It's housed inside of an old power plant that was once Regina’s own powerhouse, but now creates the spark for scientific innovation in our communities. 

In 1991 they opened up Canada’s largest IMAX theatre (The Kramer IMAX Theatre) which shows movies about science. You get to feel like you're really exploring outer space or deep beneath the ocean floor when you see those breathtaking views on screen. This incredible facility right here in Saskatchewan The Science Centre acts as a hub for education, innovation, and creativity in Regina. This former powerhouse houses interactive exhibitions that have been made to stimulate scientific curiosity among guests of all ages and interests.

It has hosted many noteworthy films including An Inconvenient Truth about global warming, Liftoff: Birth Of Space Exploration And A Journey To Mars from NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL).

Principal Activities And Programming

The Kramer Imax Theatre is Saskatchewan's only one of its type, including permanent exhibitions as well as traveling exhibits. Interactive demos and stage performances are also available for visitors to enjoy at the theatre. 
Education programs such as lectures, workshops, and field trips allow people from all walks of life to experience science in a new way that changes lives through inspiration and actionable knowledge. Science Outreach can take learning directly into classrooms or communities where physical access would otherwise be difficult or impossible by providing outreach programs on an array of topics with accompanying activities linked back to our own programming offerings here at the KICC.

A variety of special events happen throughout the year which gives everyone a chance not just visit but participate in some exciting celebrations.  The Kramer Imax Theatre is Saskatchewan's only one of its type, including permanent exhibitions such as "Imaginarium", traveling exhibits like the dinosaur exhibit featured earlier at Saskatoon Public Library and interactive demos.

It also has many stage performances which are educational and entertaining for visitors from schools or communities throughout Saskatchewan – people who might not be able to visit our Science Centre if they were unable to access it through special outreach programs by way of Adult Science Nights, After Dark Film Series' participation in public events, all while still holding visiting hours weekly.

Permanent Exhibits

The Saskatchewan Science Centre is a place where you can view animals, play with science experiments and have fun. There are permanent displays as well as traveling exhibitions. Kids will love to explore the center’s many spaces that highlight all sorts of different topics from space exploration to earth sciences. The Saskatchewan Science Centre includes a number of permanent displays that serve as the center’s backbone. 

Traveling and temporary exhibits, along with unique events offered by The Center from time to time supplement these exhibits which include critters like Barb the bearded dragon or Polly the sugar glider (depending on what animal they want). Younger children may also enjoy Snakes; great horned owls; salamanders normally seen at this location outside in Ukrainian Park. The Saskatchewan Science Centre is unlike any other science museum in Canada.

Their goal, they say, "is to provide a fun and interactive learning environment where anyone can explore the world of science." The Saskatchewan Science Centre includes some permanent exhibits that serve as their backbone but also offer traveling/temporary exhibitions along with unique events on occasion. Some examples include Critters where you can see Barb the bearded dragon or Polly the sugar glider up close; Ukrainian Scientists Park -a free outdoor park situated outside of the center which lets kids experience an authentic international playground; and Snakes Alive, a live show about snakes hosted by two Canadian herpetologists who have been studying them for over 40 years (Snakes Alive). 

The Saskatchewan Science Centre The Space Stadium Canada exhibit is all about making space exploration a whole lot more fun. With pulley tunnels, gyro gym, and other game-type scientific projects it's easy to get your fill of both science and entertainment. The Ag Grow Land area showcases Saskatchewan’s contributions in the world of agriculture with interactive exhibits examining high-tech farming practices as well as innovations like 3D printing for harvesting crops that are on their way out. The interactive Space Stadium Canada exhibit is about the environment. It features a variety of pulley tunnels and other game-type scientific projects that explore our interconnectedness to Earth's ecosystem, as well as how we can protect it. In addition, there are several displays highlighting Canadian contributions in space exploration with some fun activities for kids such as testing your weightlessness abilities on either an astronaut or rocket chair.


The Saskatchewan Science Centre offers a variety of displays and museum-quality exhibits, including space exploration. There is always something new to learn about with the constantly changing exhibitions for both families and advanced learners alike. At the Saskatchewan Science Centre, you can learn about a whole spectrum of scientific fields. From space exploration to energy science and everything in between, there's always something new for visitors to explore at this museum-style center with its constantly changing exhibits. Catch 3D films on our IMAX screen or meet some live animals from around Canada right here. 

Tiny scientists can explore the workings of a giant robotic arm, learn about how animals communicate with each other, and investigate what fuels their creativity. Children are encouraged to ask questions in order to understand concepts that seem too difficult for their young minds at first glance. The Science Centre has plenty of hands-on exhibits where kids don't just observe but also get a chance to participate. 

For adults who have always loved science as much as children do, there is something special waiting for them here: Adult Science Nights which feature sophisticated programming along with an onsite licensed bar (must be over 19+ years old).  Day camps give your child opportunities throughout the summer or select school holidays so that he/she may develop STEM skills while making new friends. The Science Centre is a great place for families to explore science, technology, and nature through interactive exhibits as well as immersive films. Your kids will be able to travel the world from their backyard or get up close with animals they might never otherwise see in person. And if you're not quite ready to let your children grow up yet then don't worry because there are also adult programs at Adult Science Nights which include sophisticated lectures that have an optional licensed bar (must show ID).

When summer comes around, sign them up for Day Camps where they can make new friends while developing important STEM skills – come rain or shine. The opportunity of hosting your next meeting or private event here just got better too; we've introduced special packages perfect for anyone.

Location and Direction

Regina's Saskatchewan Science Centre can be found at 2903 Powerhouse Drive. On the north side of Wascana Lake, take Wascana Drive east off Broad Street. Outside the main door, there is wheelchair parking. On-site parking is free. There is also full wheelchair accessibility. Service animals are permitted.

Admission Hours and Fee

The Saskatchewan Museum is open every day from 10:00am to 5:00pm and closed on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays except for statutory holidays (July 1st). 
Tickets for IMAX Theatre and Combo Theatre/Science Centre can be purchased online. Advance reservations are required for a group, school prices, and senior (60+) memberships ($10). Youth between the ages of 13-17 have discounted rates as well ($9) with two options – to see an IMAX Documentary Film or a double feature consisting of 2 films at once in front row seats. A child's ticket is $14 while seniors over 60 pay just $10 each. Finally children 1 years old or younger enter free into any film showing on our screen Advance reservations are required for group and school pricing.

Senior(60+)/Child (3-12): $10.00 IMAX Documentary Film Youth(13 – 17): $9.00 IMAX + Science Centre Youth(13 – 17): $18.00 IMAX Double Feature (2 IMax documentary films)Youth:$16 Child/Senior:$14 Toddler 2 & Under FREE

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