What Is Osu Tablet?

What Is Osu Tablet?

What is Osu Tablet?


We will now be talking about “What is Osu Tablet?” So, OSU is a rhythm game for free,. The aim of the game is to hit circles and slide your mouse or pen in time with the music.

You might find it simple and yet addictive. There are many difficulty levels to pick from, so you can play beat maps.

Accuracy and speed score higher. That’s why it’s essential to get the right tablet for OSU!

What is Osu Tablet?

How to Buy a Tablet for Osu

The size of your tablet can have a significant impact on how you play.

An inaccurate tablet will result in a loss of accuracy. You also have to move your hand too often with larger tablets. This is tiring and not healthy for your wrist.

OSU can be played with medium-sized tablets according to the majority of players. Beyond the physical size, other aspects such as pen and texture play important roles. We will discuss these topics in detail – later in the Buyer’s Guide During making our list we have considered all these factors to make sure you are getting the perfect OSU tablet. So without further ado, Let’s get started.

What is Osu Tablet?

Osu Tablets at the Best (Updated).

Below are some top OSU tablets available. Each tablet in the top ten brings a unique feature to the table. Some are larger, while others provide greater trackability. Other tablets offer scratch-resistant surfaces that can withstand more damage.

What is Osu Tablet?

1. Wacom Intuos (Ctl 4100) – Hands Down The Best Osu Tablet

Wacom Intuos Small, source: wacom.com Check Price on Amazon Active tracking area: 6.0 x 3.7 inches Hover distance: 7 mm Input Lag: Good Color: Black, Pistachio If you want a quality tablet that can easily handle hours of intense OSU sessions, the Wacom Intuos is hands down the best choice.

Wacom Intuos has one of its greatest advantages: it responds faster with minimal input delays. Additionally, the resolution is higher which allows for better accuracy.

The tablet has overall has an excellent build quality and good design. The tablet’s top surface is made of a more scratch-resistant material than generic tablets. It protects against scratches from pen marks.

Wacom tablets most commonly used by pro-OSU players If you’ve noticed that many of the top OSU players are using Wacom tablet, there’s a reason. Wacom is a reputed brand that has been making graphics tables for over a decade.

These drivers work perfectly and are extremely stable. You don’t want your tablet to stop working.

Wacom Intuos CTL480 the legend, and CTL4100 the new Wacom Intuos (right) While the Wacom Intuos have been available for some time now, there has been many improvements over the years. Wacom’s current Intuos CTL 4100 has a new design and a faster response time. It also features heightened build quality.

You can choose from two different sizes of the tablet, the small or medium. The medium size Wacom Intuos is a little too large for OSU that is why we only recommend you to get the Wacom Intuos Small – as it has a perfect size.

What is Osu Tablet?

2. One by Wacom (Ctl 472): The Cheapest Wacom Tablet for Playing Osu

Wacom One. Source: wacom.com. Amazon Price Check. Wacom One. Intuos-like Wacom Intuos, the One from Wacom has a smaller tracking area of 6.0×3.7inches. Hover distance is unknown (7-10mm). Input Lag. Good Color: Red. Black. This is an excellent option for people who need all of the Wacom Intuos features without the hefty price tag.

OSU can only be played with a sufficient playing area, and an even faster response time. And that is what you get with One by Wacom.

These buttons, and all other functions on the tablet, do not serve any purpose. This minimalist design reduces the tablet’s price, while maintaining its quality and performance.

On the tracking surface, you can see the same high-quality scratch-resistant surface that you find on Wacom Intuos. Also, the resolution and response time of the tablet is excellent.

Use a USB cable to connect your tablet to the computer. Cable is long enough for your CPU to be comfortably reached.

The Wacom One is available in Red or Black and features a thin profile. This surface features a dotted pattern that represents active tracking.

Wacom Intuos also offers the One by Wacom in small and large variants. Because it offers the ideal size for OSU we suggest you go with the small variant of OnebyWacom (Amazon).

What is Osu Tablet?

3. Xp Pen Star G640 – Ultrathin Tablet For Osu

Amazon: Price for XP Pen G640 OSU tablet. Hover distance is 10 mm. Input Lag (Good) What happens when you push all of your electronics into one corner? It creates a paper thin tablet. This tablet provides comfort for the hands and is an advantage.

It has a 6-x4-inch tracking area with an USB connector on the top.

You can find cheaper tablets on the marketplace, but the tablet offers a pleasant combination of features and price that makes it a top choice for OSU beginner players.

If you are interested in learning how to make custom OSU skins and graphic design, the included stylus can fast track with 266 RPS (Reports per Second).

You can use the Pen for OSU long sessions because it is both lightweight and rechargeable.

Is Osu a prescription?

You can improve your game by using an OSU drawing tablet. With a drawing tablet, you will have greater accuracy and more responsiveness. However, no tablet can replace your OSU gaming experience.

What tablets do Osu players use?

Wacom tablets used by pro-OSU athletes Mostly because they use Wacom tablets. Wacom, a well-known brand, has been creating graphics tables for more than a decade. The drivers of Wacom are extremely stable and perform flawlessly.

What Is Osu Tablet?

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