Deer Meadow Farms

Deer Meadow Farms

Deer Meadow Farms

Web Deer Meadow Farm was started in 1999 by Karl and Donna Mandl. This farm is a specialist in heritage-breed hogs. You can find our product at many Harford County stores and the Havre de Grace Farmer's Market. Our product is also available at several local restaurants including Laurrapin Grille, Havre de Grace, Maryland, and Atwater's Baltimore County location. Deer Meadow Farm participates in the Restaurant Association of Maryland (RAM) and American Berkshire Association.

Deer Meadow Farms

We are proud of the contributions made by local businesses.

We all visited Springfield before we made Springfield our home. Perhaps we had lunch at The Peppercorn, or grabbed an ice cream cone at the Country Bake Shop and we relished in the lifestyle that was available in this amazing community. This area continues to expand and I believe it's more important than ever that local businesses are supported. Maybe our new neighbors don't know of hidden gems such as Pineridge Hollow and


">Deer Meadow Farms. I wondered how I could shine the spotlight upon some of my favorite spots and those of my family.


So together with my wife we came up with the idea of "12 Months of Supporting Local Business" and here we are.

Every month, I partner with local businesses to offer a chance to a winner the chance to experience the many shops, restaurants, and other services that our community has to offer.

It is a great place to call Springfield home. Remember, it's a small town!

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Deer Meadow Farms

Deer Meadow Farm

Deer Meadow Farms is open from May through the end of fall.

They settled down on Springfield Rd near the east Perimeter highway. This sprawling property features a ton for kids to do and see. The farm offers a variety of activities for children, including a ride on a wagon train and a forest full deer.

You can see the Fallow Deer herd that roams a large section of the property. Playing on the huge hay bale tower and giant sandhill full of tractor tires is another favorite activity for children. You can bring a picnic or stop by the farm shop and canteen for something to eat. The farm also hosts fall events such as their storybooklane, where classic fairy tales are brought to life. These events take place in October.

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