Springhill Winter Park

Springhill Winter Park

Springhill Winter Park


Springhill Winter Park

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Group 612 Mail Box 31 S.S.#6 Springhill Winter Park is just 15 minutes drive from downtown Winnipeg. This park can be found at Highway 59 North and Oasis Rd. With ten runs, our hill measures 130ft vertical. Skiing, snowboarding is possible, as well as ski or snowboard rental, private lessons and night skiing.

Our area has a quad chair lift, rope tow, terrain park, moguls, race run, half-pipe, and learning area. Customers enjoy 100% snowmaking and snow grooming daily with our two groomers.

Springhill Winter Park

Lift Tickets

Regular $24 $29 $34 $24

Multi day discounts available.

Ski free for children 5 years old and younger with a paid adult

Notice: All pricing is subject to changes and is based only on prices for resort tickets window published on resorts’ website. You should only use it as a guide.

Springhill Winter Sports Park currently does not have any discount tickets available.


Springhill Winter Park

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Springhill Winter Park

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Springhill Winter Park

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Springhill Winter Park

Ski Area Joins The Pop-Up Patio Craze, Plans To Operate Between Ski Seasons As Much As Weather Allows

Posted at 7:00 PM CT Monday, Aug. 16, 2021 Scroll print Email Picnic tables are perched on top of a ridge, where snowboarders and skiers used to line up for the descent. Springhill Winter Park’s owners have expanded beyond their one-season business to include a patio for summer, nestled between the chalet and chairlift.

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Atop the ridge, where snowboarders and skiers used to line up, are picnic tables and firepits. Springhill Winter Park has a second seasonal business. The owners built a new summer patio between the chalet & chair lift.

“We always intended to do something in summer to benefit from what the venue offers,” says Vivianne Julianen. Julien purchased the recreational facility in 2017, just outside of Toronto, with Brayden Ssinkalo. We wanted to create something for the hill that people would love. “The hill had been empty for 8 months.

ALEX LUPUL / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS Vivianne Julien & Brayden Solinkalo co-owners Springhill Winter Park are hosting music almost every Thursday and planning for next year’s concerts using the ski hills as an amphitheatre.

Although the original goal was to have the patio open by the end of last summer, the pandemic caused a major disruption. Public health restrictions put an additional damper on the project this year. However, the family continued to do so after June’s relaxation of the rules. After weeks of sawing, drilling and turning wood pallets in to furniture for outdoor use, the following week was chaotic.


Springhill Winter Park

Springhill Winter Sports Park

65036 Oasis Rd

Oakbank, MB cs@springhillwinterpark.com

Fax to (204) 224-5956


Springhill Winter Sports Park Manitoba’s only halfpipe. Ski and snowboard rentals are available for both downhill and cross country skiing. 100% snowmaking capability and daily grooming. Located off Highway 59 at Oasis road, 15 minutes north Winnipeg.

Chair lift

Food Service


.Springhill Winter Park


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