2024 Winnipeg Dinner Theatre Extravaganza: Jubilations Await at Our Top Show – Reserve Your Celebration Tickets!

Celebrations Dinner Theatre

Celebrations Dinner Theatre

All Eyes On Us

Celebrates Dinner theatre is a Winnipeg staple for 25+ years. The talented cast performs hilarious parodies on some of the top stars in music, movies and television for an entertaining show. While you take in all of the action (and listen to the amazing live vocals), enjoy a tasty three-course dinner prepared by our characters servers.

You can get away from the routine by immersing yourself in Canadian culture – you'll have a blast (and will know your favorite songs!).

It's a live show so anything could happen. The actors may include you as a part of the show if your participation is encouraged.

Our cast never breaks character and audiences always have a good time. Every show has classic hits – you're free to sing along.

Celebrations Dinner Theatre

Celebrates Dinner Theatre


All Eyes On Us

">Celebrations Dinner Theatre can be found in Canad Inns Destination Centre Fort Garry. It is interactive and our actors, as well as additional cast members, stay on-point throughout each meal. If you play along, you could even get to be a part the show.


The moment you walk into the theatre you will feel like you have entered another dimension. All your daily worries are gone. Maybe you'll end up at an old west saloon, a 1950s high school reunion, a fantasy island or a futuristic starship. Wherever it is…be prepared for the time of your life!


Celebrations Dinner Theatre

Take Note

Celebrations Dinner Theatre is now closed because of restrictions by the Government of Manitoba. It is an uphill task for all of us, including our guests, artists and staff. We have decided to close the site until June in order to stop the spread of COVID-19. Then we will relaunch the website with Old Time Rock & Roll! It will then be followed by "Night at the Museum of Rock Stars", a show which will last from Sept. 10 through Nov. 14, 2021.

All affected guests have their reservation released. You will also receive a credit on your Celebrations account to use for future bookings. Our Box Office will reopen well before the scheduled opening of the shows. We will then contact our guests for assistance in using the credit to rebook. It is important to note that our phones and email won't be monitored once the Box Office reopens. The website will be updated once that date is finalized.

We thank all of our loyal guests who have been so supportive of our concept and helping us keep live theatre alive!


Celebrations Dinner Theatre


Celebrations Dinner Theatre Tickets only: Call local at 982-8282 (or toll-free at 1-877-823-82282) for tickets.

You can browse the menus or purchase tickets to learn about forthcoming shows.

Check out the Celebrations Dinner Theatre website


Celebrations Dinner Theatre

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Celebrations Dinner Theatre

Weather Forecast for Celebrations Theatre Winnipeg (Manitoba), Canada

To ensure your safety, we have compiled a 6-day weather forecast that will guide you to Celebrations Dinner Theatre, Winnipeg (Manitoba), Canada. Your day will begin at 11:56 am, when the sun rises. You can dress appropriately as the temperature is 67.95 and humidity level is 63. Cloud coverage is 22 percent with visibility at 14.7 percent. Today's UV index is 2, don't forget the sunscreen if you need it! Today's winds are traveling southwest at a speed of 10 MPH. At the end of the day don't miss the sunset at 12:51 AM.


Celebrations Dinner Theatre

Celebrations Dinner Theater Celebrates the Good Times

Granny and Grandpa Peg both love to eat dinner theatre.

Although the term was unfamiliar to Missus and myself, (it usually brings back memories of Cable Guy's Medieval Times scene) I had no idea how enjoyable it could be.

Granny and Gramps (my mother and father) brought us out to Celebrations for Lil’s fifth birthday. They were looking for a place for food and fun. Celebrations isn't just about turning up the volume to 10, I have to admit that my father may be a convert. You guys, Celebrations are committed. Celebrations puts on an amazing show. I was enthralled from the moment I stepped through the Canad Inns Fort Garry lobby up to the Celebrations' host booth. At the door, a comic young guy was waiting for us. Bob Square. Pants (which, along with Adventure Time , is Lil's favourite show). It's not like a brick could have done this guy in. His body language, between his rigid walking on his heels and his rendition on stage of "La Bamba" — replete with Sponge. Bob's dance moves would have put a smile upon Squidward Cherie, Aimee Beaudoin and Chris Schermbrucker in Oh Boy! Buddy Holly.

Oh Boy Buddy Holly! was our show. which Granny Peg was quite excited about as she loves his tunes. We got the entire range of hits, including "Peggy Sue", "Rave On" and "Everyday" throughout the evening. The Everly Brothers also gave Mom some extra tracks so that she was singing along throughout the night.

The story is set in the 1950s. It tells the story through flashbacks that revolve around characters from Oh Boy Buddy Holly's fictional Manitoba small-town. This is the story about Shallow Water High's final graduating class. The school was closing soon, and many of its seniors wrote letters to their favourite musicians to ask them to perform at their final dance.

Celebrations will not require that you know anything about the plot. Instead, you can just let the crazy action wash over your head. Everybody in the room works as a character. Servers, graduates and performers alike, to main stage acts, to servers.

The audience is welcome to participate, although not in the way you would at shows at more family-oriented all-inclusive hotels.


Celebrations Dinner Theatre

Questions and Answers

CELEBRATIONS DINER THEATRE is home to 2 people who have asked questions. Find out the answers to these questions, as well as other topics of interest, from CELEBRATIONS DINER THEATRE employees.

Working Environment


Celebrations Dinner Theatre

Celebrations Dinner Theatre

1824 Pembina Hwy.

WINNIPEG, MB R3T 2G2 infowinnipeg@celebrations.ca

Fax to (204) 982-8291


Celebrations Dinner Theatre Canadian original musicals with 4-course meal The best interactive theatre. We are the actors, our server and our audience.

Food Service

Full wheelchair accessibility


Celebrations Dinner Theatre

Winnipeg Night Of Celebrations Dinner Theater

So you're curious about Winnipeg's Celebrations Dinner Theatre and you're wondering what it's all about? Let me tell you!

Celebrations Dinner Theatre can be described as dinner theatre but is much more. First, it's been a Winnipeg institution for over 25 years. The performances are always three act musical comedies offering lighthearted parodies of pop culture TV shows, movies and music, while you eat a four course dinner served to you by servers in character.

We were able to watch "Best of Friends Reunion", parody of Friends TV.

Actors not only play their roles, but also dance and sing to current pop and rock songs. Although it sounds corny, this is actually quite entertaining and a great night out.

When you arrive at the theatre, you're seated at a table with a view of the stage. Celebrations serves dinner theatre style, but your server is dressed in costume the whole time they serve you. The server we had was an b-boy from Brooklyn. You could see that the characters at the table were dressed as everyone you might find in New York City. They ranged from well-dressed Italian women to homeless folks.

Friends takes places in New York. It was the story of Joey and Chandler meeting Ross, Rachel, Monica and Phoebe after they lost touch. Monica remains married to Chandler. Ross is married to Rachel. Phoebe is single. However, Joey and Joey decide to pretend that they are married in order to reunite. Hilarity ensues. This is all set in the context of Phoebe opening a restaurant in a space that had literally gone to the rats. In fact, the rats are a part of the show – adorable muppet-like puppets that pop out and sing along at various points during the evening.

The songs were a mix of contemporary and pop music, as well as Top 40 pop hits like The Lumineers' "Ho Hey", Love Shack by the B52s, Thin Lizzy’s "The Boys Are Back In Town".


.Celebrations Dinner Theatre