Hiking Trails Manitoba

Hiking Trails Manitoba

Spruce Woods Provincial Park

IUCN category II ( national park )

Spruce Woods Provincial Park.JPG

Spruce Woods Provincial Park as seen from the Spirit Sands observation tower

Map showing the location of Spruce Woods Provincial Park

Map showing the location of Spruce Woods Provincial Park


Location Manitoba, Canada
Nearest town , Manitoba
Coordinates 50°2′24″N 100°11′42″W  /  50.04000°N 100.19500°W  / 50.04000; -100.19500 Coordinates : 50°2′24″N 100°11′42″W  /  50.04000°N 100.19500°W  / 50.04000; -100.19500 [1]
Area 269 km 2 (104 sq mi)
Established 1961
Governing body Government of Manitoba

Hiking Trails Manitoba

Manitoba's Top Hiking Trails

Canada to Explore

Walking through prairies, forests or rolling hills is a great way to explore the natural beauty of grass prairies, valleys, rivers and rolling hills. Manitoba's hiking trails have it all, be it a simple stroll in the woods, a relaxing walk on the beach or a backpacking adventure. The following are must-do hiking trips in Manitoba.

Hiking Trails in and around Brandon 25 Outdoor Adventures in Westman Region

1. Spirit Sands & The Devil's Punchbowl Spruce Woods Provincial Park,

This popular family destination is only two hours away from Winnipeg. The unique dunes of the area make it a great tourist spot as well as a favorite place for tourists. This dunes formed from sand melted glaciers that drained into Lake Agassiz, creating the Assiniboine Valley. Lake Agassiz's continued melting caused the exposed sands to be revealed.

Near the Seton Bridge, you will find the trailhead. Following the trail will take you through wind-patterned sand, with the dunes reaching as high as 30-meters and rich in cacti, to a bowl-shaped 45-meter depression with blue-green water.

There are also interpretive signs, water pumps, and bathrooms along the trail. Make sure you have proper walking shoes, sunscreen, drinking water, and a hat.

Hiking Trails Manitoba

You can't leave Manitoba and not bring back some memorable hiking adventures

Manitoba offers the perfect place to get back in touch with nature, as you will see. Although there are many trails to choose from, the most popular are the listed ones. Do you have a favorite hike? It is essential to add hiking to your itinerary if you wish to experience the best of Manitoba.

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Hiking Trails Manitoba

3. Devil's Punchbowl and Spirit Sands

Sprucewoods Provincial Park 10 km. These trails can be slightly harder than the others but are well worth the effort if your goal is to get out to Sprucewoods. You can do them as separate hikes to break up the distance a little, but as the two trails join up in the middle you can complete them both in one shot if you're feeling ambitious.

Spirit sands trail in Manitoba is one of Manitoba's top natural attractions. An old delta of Assiniboine River the spirit sands are almost like an oasis dropped into the middle if the prairies. Although it is difficult to walk through the sand, it's well worth it. The trail allows you to learn all about the history of the spirit-sand formation and its importance for the Indigenous communities. You will find the Devil's Punchbowl section on the trail, which is easier to hike. The highlight of this section is the stunning oasis "punchbowl". Many lookout locations are available to enjoy stunning views or take photos!


Hiking Trails Manitoba

Here are Some Great Hiking Tips

If you're heading out on the trails for the first time, here are some other tips for having a great day!

Begin slowly. Start slowly if you aren't already a keen fitness enthusiast. Then, you will be able to take on bigger challenges. To make your experience more enjoyable, choose activities within your current fitness and comfort levels. This will also help you avoid injury. The goal of hiking is to be fun and not to make you miserable.

Do not train to cover longer distances. It's possible that you have your heart set on challenging terrain. It is crucial to prevent injury by working at home or in the gym.

You should let others know where you are. While it may seem silly to think about getting lost on some of the busiest trails in a provincial park, it can happen to anyone. Because many areas of Manitoba are rural, there is no cell coverage so it can be difficult to reach a friend if something happens. Some of the less-traveled trails may also mean that friendly strangers may not be passing by for hours, if at all.


Hiking Trails Manitoba

Are These My Faves

Granola bars, fruit bars sandwiches and fruit are my favorite snacks for hiking.

3. You will need basic outdoor safety equipment (first aid kit and whistle, bear bell and whistle, sunscreen, bug spray). These are the essentials that you'll want to have in your hiking bag at all times. It's a good idea to have a raincoat, as Manitoba weather can quickly change. A bear bell is a great way to alert wildlife and let them know you're there so they can plan accordingly.

4. Be sure to keep plenty of water and snack. Remember how I said a good hiking bag was key for carrying all your gear? It is the main reason. The water you carry on your hike is likely to be the most heavy thing. It weighs in at 1kg (2.2lbs) per litre. When you are planning to hike for many hours, even a small 500ml waterbottle won't suffice. It's possible to become dehydrated, especially on hot and sunny days. So bring more than one bottle. It's a smart thing to bring snacks along with you on your hikes. My favorite snack is fruit bars and granola bars. We also pack picnics to take along on long walks.

5. You will need a map to show you the trail. The trail map can be taken from the sign at trailhead. You might find yourself on trails that intersect, and others may be more interesting if you are lost or turn around. Map My Hike, an app that uses GPS to track your journey can help you see the route you took if it is not obvious.


Hiking Trails Manitoba

The bottom line

A great way to view the wildlife and landscapes of the area is hiking. It's also the perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors and get a little exercise while you're at it. There are many trails in Manitoba that can be enjoyed year-round. We are so lucky to have such well-maintained trails. If you don't plan properly, hiking can prove dangerous. It's important to plan in advance and make safety precautions so you can enjoy stunning scenery and beautiful photos.

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Hiking Trails Manitoba

Here are four family-friendly trails for hiking in Manitoba

You'll find wild blueberries, an abandoned lighthouse, and even a lizard on these Manitoba-friendly hiking trails.

Photo: Spruce Woods Provincial Park, courtesy of Travel Manitoba

1. Wetland Boardwalk Trail Winnipeg Walk along the water's edge! Fort. Whyte Alive nature center. A one-kilometer trail runs through Richardson Marsh. It takes kids into marsh ecosystems and the swamp. You can pick up small insects and larvae in the water from the Interpretive Centre, and you also have the option to bring your snowshoes so that you can see the tracks of animals in the winter snow. You can also find eco-tainment at The Buffalo Stone Cafe, and four additional kid-friendly trails.

1961 Mc. Creary Road Winnipeg. Adults: $7, kids over 4: $5. Children under 3 years old: Free fortwhyte.org> Spirit Sands Trail, Carberry Wind-rippled sand dunes and real live cacti? It's true! This moderate, self-guided trail in southwestern Manitoba has a number of offshoots and options. You can hike the five-kilometre roundtrip on the sandy northernmost trail. This will take you to the fragile, delicate sand-dune ecosystem. Interpretive signs give you information along the way and, if you're lucky, you might even see Manitoba's only lizard, the northern prairie skink, on a grassy hillside. At the beginning of this trail, you can take a ride on a covered wagon.

Spruce Woods Provincial Park Highway 5, Carberry $5/vehicle gov.mb.ca> Lighthouse Trail in Lake Winnipeg. Hecla/Grindstone Provincial Park consists of a series of islands, a peninsula and an area on Lake Winnipeg. Lighthouse Trail, 1.5 km round trip is located on Hecla island. It winds through boreal forest to reach the shores and narrow spit of Lake Winnipeg. Kick back at the base of the Gull Harbour lighthouse constructed in 1926 and still in use and enjoy the panoramic view of the big lake. Keep an eye out for fish-eating bird species like cormorants and eagles.

Hecla/Grindstone Provincial Park $5/vehicle gov.mb.ca> Mc. Gillivray Falls Trail in Rennie Whiteshell Provincial Park will take you beyond the Prairies into the rugged Canadian Shield. You will love the waterfall that you see at the end of this trail. Follow the path of the water, which leads to Mc. Gillivray Lake. You can choose from two loops. The shorter is about 2.8 kilometres round trip. The longer one takes you all of the way to Gillivray Lake. You can see the water bubble up over rocks, and you have several views. Also, there is the option to get wild blueberries.

Whiteshell Provincial Park, Hwy 44, Rennie & Caddy Lake $5.00 per day gov.mb.ca The 6 Best Outdoor Pools in Winnipeg>3 Family-Friendly Beaches in Winnipeg>4 Family-Friendly Water Parks in Winnipeg> Family Hiking Outdoor Activities St. Joseph Communications utilizes cookies for personalization and to tailor its online ads.


Hiking Trails Manitoba

The Canadian Subscription box For Adventure Lovers

Explore Magazine's editors say yes to a membership box that contains outdoor gear, adventures challenges, and an incredible community. 25 Great Hikes in Manitoba The Interior Province of Manitoba lies between Ontario and Saskatchewan. This province is comprised of forests, lakes and rivers. Manitoba's winters are dominated by the cold Hudson's Bay waters and Churchill's polar bear sightings. However, it is also home to some of Canada's most exciting summer adventures for those who love adventure. It has over 80 provincial parks that provide wildflowers as well as fishing, which offer a wide range of hiking terrain. This list includes 25 stunning hiking trails you shouldn't miss when visiting Manitoba.


Hiking Trails Manitoba

9. Pine Point Trail

Robert Linsdell Flickr, 2.0 Distance: 8.2 km. Time: 4 hours. Elevation Gain is: 235 m. The Pine Point Trail boasts beautiful scenery. There are rapids, waterfalls, and mixed-wood forests. You may be lucky enough to spot a white-tailed elk. If you go hiking in summer, there are likely to be bugs.

How do I get to the trailhead? You can find the Pine Point Trail north of Betula Lake, on PR 307.

travelmanitoba.com 10. Seine River Greenway Distance, 7 km. (with shorter options) Elevation Gain. Minimal. The beautiful scenery can make the trail quite busy, due to its location near the city.

How do I get to the trailhead? The trail begins at Shorehill Drive in Winnipeg, and continues along the Seine River.



.Hiking Trails Manitoba

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