Trails Manitoba

Trails Manitoba

Trails Manitoba


The purpose of this survey is to understand the opinions of Manitoban trail users about electric motor-assist bikes (ebikes)

Trans Canada Trail thanks Manitoba Government for Continuing Investments

Eleanor Mc. Mc. was Trans Canada Trail's President and CEO at the Trails Canada AGM. Mahon expressed gratitude to the Manitoba government, who announced a $2.5M investment in the Manitoba Trails Strategic Fund. This will help to create, sustain and expand recreational trails. This fund was founded in 2020, with initial funds of $7.5M. We were thrilled to receive this vital investment. The Manitoba government is also being congratulated for the support they continue to provide trails. It's encouraging news for both trail builders as well as trail users.


Funding to Meet Increased Demand during Pandemics: Ministers. The Manitoba government announced today that it will be investing $2.5million to set up the Manitoba Trails Strategic Fund. It is intended to assist in the development, maintenance and expansion of recreational trails across Manitoba. Johnson stated that Johnson acknowledged the growing demand for trails activities in Manitoba and the importance of outdoor recreation. "Outdoor recreation is very…

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Trails Manitoba

7 – Epinette Creek & Newfoundland Ravine Trail Sprucewoods Provincial Park

29.6 km/Loop / Moderate. The Jackfish cabin is located along the Epinette Creek, Newfoundland Ravine Trail. You may also stay the night there. In the springtime, keep your eyes peeled for Manitoba's provincial flower, the prairie crocus!

8 – Wild Grape and Elm Trail – Beaudry Park – Cartier 5.7 km / Loop / Easy Just a short drive from Winnipeg is the mesmerizing Beaudry Park. You will find some of Canada's largest maple, cottonwood and basswood trees. The Wild Grape and Elm Trail will take you along the south bank of the Assiniboine River, through lush ferns and wild grapevines. The trails are known for wildlife, so watch for white-tailed deer, fox, owls, beavers and more.


Trails Manitoba

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Manitoba Trail Map

Manitoba permits the downloading of trail GPS tracks in kml or gpx format.

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Trails Manitoba

Active Living and health

Manitoba's recreational trails offer a variety of opportunities for you to enjoy your outdoor adventures with your loved ones and get out in the great outdoors. Trails can be accessed year-round through activities such as walking, hiking, cycling, horseback riding, canoeing, kayaking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling.

Manitoba offers a variety of outdoor activities throughout the year, including hiking and biking trails.

You can go for a long walk or on a hiking trip.

Bicycle around

Go horseback riding


Cross-country skiing


Trails Manitoba

Manitoba: 4 Family-Friendly Cycling Trails

These family-friendly trails offer a variety of biking options, including a Gingerbread House and trout lake.

Travel Manitoba

1. Pine Ridge Bicycle Trail, north of Winnipeg Birds Hill Provincial Park, just north of Winnipeg, has lots of multi-use trails, but the Pine Ridge Bicycle Trail is just for cyclists. You can buy food and washrooms at several locations along the paved 7.2-kilometre trail. This trail loops around Kingfisher Lake. There are also woods with trembling apen. For a quick dip in the lake, bring your swimsuits! Little anglers will be happy to know that the lake has a variety of rainbow and brown trout every spring.

Birds Hill Provincial Park, Hwy 59 $5 per vehicle> 2. Kildonan Park Golf Course Trail. Winnipeg. Follow the trail though the forest…to a gingerbread home. This easy crushed-limestone trail is only about one kilometre long (round trip). Continue west towards Kildonan Park, following Peguis Drive until you reach a narrow path leading to a house with a pointed roofing and decorated cookies and candy decorations. The Witch's Hut is open May-October from 1 to 5 p.m. Closed Tuesdays and Thursdays. Kildonan also features picnic shelters, a playground, an outdoor swimming area, and Peguis pavilion with public washrooms.

Kildonan Park Golf Course, 2021 Main Street (at Highland Avenue)> 3. Ironwood Trail, Pinawa. The Ironwood Trail follows the Winnipeg River from Pinawa to the west. It is part of the Trans Canada Trail and covers 3.5 kilometres. This route is named after the many rare, provincially protected ironwood trees it passes. The trail is easy to follow, has a lot of flat terrain, and includes a playground, beach, picnic tables, and porta potties. The area is home to many interpretive signs, which will tell you all about the wildlife. Little animal lovers are sure to see wild deer Pinawa.

Pinawa (parking is available north of both ends of the trail)> Wasagaming Bike Trail, Wasagaming If you've got an aspiring trail rider on your hands, head to Riding Mountain National Park. This massive, forested forest park in western Manitoba is high up above the prairie. It also houses three ecosystems. That means that it supports an astonishing array of wildlife. Clear Lake is situated just outside the park. Clear Lake has the Wasagaming Bicycle Trail that runs northwest, 5.5 kilometres to Clear Lake. Clear Lake itself can be found at the end of the trail. A thrilling bumpy ride is possible, with the option to stop for ice-cream afterwards. This park rates it medium as it is ideal for beginning mountain bikes. You are ready to ride?

Riding Mountain National Park. Hwy 10, Buffalo, parking lot $19.60 for a family. There are 6 family-friendly trails in British Columbia. 4 trails in Saskatchewan. 5 trails to try in New Brunswick. Biking trails family kids. Outdoor activities St. Joseph Communications employs cookies to personalize and customize online ads.


Trails Manitoba

Event Details

NOT YOUR AVERAGE VIRTUAL EVENT! Trails of 'Toba is stoked to bring you the Manitoba Segment Series! We've recommended 12 trails from Manitoba. Each one is different. Goal? Try to explore as many trails as you can!

The short version is: Pack in all you can Manitoba adventure between May 1st to Sept. 30/21. You must finish at LEAST 3 trails in the time period to qualify as a segment series winner and earn yourself a personalized medal. You will be given some Trails Of 'Toba socks for your running/hiking activities. You'll be awarded a completion patch if your run completes all twelve of them (>100km).

You don't have to wait, there are more incentives for you to leave the house! You also have points. More trails are earned, the higher your points. For what purpose might those points serve? These points can be used to win prizes The details will be revealed: outdoor adventures and perhaps a few more …). To add even more excitement, we've created a checklist with additional objectives. These are unique to each trail/location.

We at Trails Of 'Toba care deeply about maintaining our trails. To help maintain the trails, we will give you an additional 10 points to your prize pack by volunteering at one of Manitoba's trail organizations. (More details/dates forthcoming) The registration for this event will open early in 2019. This includes trail socks with Trails of ‘Toba logo, decal for Trails’ of ‘Toba, and medal for finishers (assuming 3 finish). You can get active in the points serie with a leader-board update.


Trails Manitoba

Segment Series Trail championship

Three trails have been selected for the competition adventurers. These will test your ability to compete in order to win!

1) Reeves Ravine to Bald Hill and back – 11 km with semi-technical single track that will challenge even the best climbers and descenders With over 350m of elevation gain! Bald Hills offers spectacular views.

2) Epinette Creek – 16.3km of rolling non-technical double track where fast turnover and high speeds rule!

Hunt Lake out-and-back – This trail is 12 km round-trip and has the toughest terrain you will ever find. Better make sure you ankles are up for the challenge…

The way it works is: Completing all three segments must be completed between May 1st and September 30th. The Male and Female with the lowest overall combined times will be crowned the segment series champion! Manitoba will award a unique trophy to the three top overall finishers. A prize money award will also be given to both male and female who complete each segment fastest.

To see where you stand against adventurers, we will update leader-boards for every segment weekly. We'll be adding new information for overall (top 10) and age groups (top 3). Overall segment records will also be listed on our site for years to come.


Trails Manitoba

Please read before you sign up

1) Participants must adhere to the latest guidelines set by the local authorities and keep current with the regulations and rules regarding Covid-19.

2)All participants must practice appropriate trail etiquette, including leaving no trace. Here is a good list to follow: 3)Each segment must be completed on foot and recorded using Strava. You must set the race to your data in order to display the elapsed times. Also, each segment data should be public. We are not sponsored by or directly affiliated with Strava.

4)Participants MUST have the appropriate pass to enter either Provincial/National Parks Provincial: National: 5)You must already be registered for the event prior to completing segments. All segments completed prior to registration are not counted.

6)Your segments may be submitted as often as you wish between May 1 to September 30. However, it is important that your times are not faster than your prior.

7) Please submit all times no later than midnight on September 30, 2020.

8) These trails are not recommended. The Manitoba Trails can be done on any 3 of the trails. In order to be considered for the championship/leader-board, the recommended trails must be completed.

9)Each entrant must be 18 years of age or older, have read, signed and electronically submitted their waiver forms in order to be eligible for the virtual event.


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