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Urban Shaman relies on donations to open our doors, turn on our lights and, most importantly, program the gallery and provide services to our members.

Urban Shaman needs your help to continue its activities. We request that you consider making us one of your preferred charities and give a contribution.

Urban Shaman is committed the Aboriginal community and to all arts. We can fulfill the artistic needs of artists through providing an avenue for creative expression at all levels and playing a leading role in cultivating Indigenous art.


Urban Shaman


Programming/selection process is by ongoing submissions presented by artists, curators or groups. The Director selects exhibitions based on their artistic merit and relevancy to contemporary Aboriginal art. Programming includes contemporary art in all media/new media, two- and three-dimensional work and performance-based art. Urban Shaman has currently three exhibition spaces.



Urban Shaman

About us

Urban Shaman, an Aboriginal centre run by artists, is dedicated to fulfilling the needs of the artist by offering a platform for expression at all levels and by playing a leading role in cultivating Indigenous art.

Vision Urban Shaman presents contemporary Indigenous Aboriginal art with integrity while remaining rooted in our diverse Aboriginal cultures.



Urban Shaman

About the Author

Serge Kahili King is the Ph.D. author of several works on Huna shamanism in Hawaii, such as Urban Shaman and Instant Healing. His doctorate is in psychology. He was also trained in Shamanism by the Kahili families of Kauai, as well as African and Mongolian Shamans. Dr. King is the Executive Director of Aloha International, a non-profit, worldwide network of individuals who have dedicated themselves to making the world a better place.

King is an author and has produced the largest collection of digital media and books on Huna. This Polynesian philosophy, practice and method of effective living. He also wrote extensively on Aloha (the attitude of peace and love for which the Hawaiian Islands have become so well-known). King also has extensive knowledge about Hawaiian culture.

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Urban Shaman


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Urban Shaman

The Series Includes Additional Books

Walker Papers Books from C.E. Murphy More… Trivia About Urban Shamans (Wa.

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Urban Shaman Quotes

In Ireland, people go to their homes and are asked if they would like a cup o' tea. You say no, thank you, you're really just fine. The woman asks you if your sure. You say of course you're sure, really, you don't need a thing. But they say it ting. The ting doesn't really matter. Then she said, "Well, it's not necessary to have a ting." It's okay, you reply, I'd like to drink some tea. I'm happy to help you in the kitchen if that's possible. You go back through it until you're both in the kitchen having tea and talking.

Americans are asked if they want tea. If you do not say yes, then the person asking you doesn't give you any.

I liked the Irish way better." 765 likes "I'm not a goddamned faith healer! I don't talk to God! Her goddamned engine broke, and I am a mechanic!

More quotes…


Urban Shaman

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Urban Shaman quotes

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Urban Shaman


Roger Rumrill is a Lima-based journalist who has a reputation for being an expert on Peruvian Amazon. He interviewed Guillermo Arrevalo (a Shipibo urban healer in Pucallpa) who uses ayahuasca to treat ailments. Sr. Arrevalo discusses drug tourism. This is a phenomenon where men and women in cities offer tours to foreigners for a fee in order for them to have drug-induced mystical experience in places like Pucallpa and Iquitos, Peru. Arrevalo makes a distinction between touristic and folkloric shamanism. He believes that these practices are an attempt to solve personal issues. Arrevalo considers Europe and North American societies in a state of spiritual and psychological distress. The Shipibo shaman laments the misuse of toxic plants as additives to the ayahuasca potion and the damage that these plants cause to the unsuspecting tourist who doesn't really get his money's worth from shamans without experience, people who are liars and cheats and who don't have the capacity, the preparation or the boldness to do the work.


Urban Shaman

Calling All Dreamers Semifinalists, The Urban Shaman Joins FX40

Sacramento's Calling All Dreamers competition is helping Morning Eleven entrepreneurs get their start-up businesses up and running.

The Urban Shaman & Safe Space Bodywork owner Tiffany Bedolla , a semi-finalist, joined Martina on the FOX40 patio to talk about her business and the competition.

To learn more about Calling All Dreamers click here or tap this.


Urban Shaman

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